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Reusable Fun!

At The Hungry Moon, we are passionate about the environment, and always try our best to be as eco-friendly as possible! This is why we create our desserts in reusable glass jars, to protect our planet and promote eco-friendly behavior to our customers as well!
Our eco-friendly glass jars are easy to store and great to re-use when cooking or for fun projects! Here are some great ways to enjoy our reusable jars!
  • Turn the jar into a mini pot for a plant
  • Get creative and decorate your jar to suit your style
  • Great for storage! Create your own jewelry holder, key bowl, button container, or for whatever storing needs you have!
  • Spend some time in the kitchen and and store your favourite sauce inside our jars
  • Make a DIY candle holder
  • Our jars are also great as reusable glass Tupperware
We love to see our customers supporting our planet and passion with their own creativity!
When you re-use our jars, be sure to post on your Facebook or Instagram pages and tag us @thehungrymoonfoods!