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About Us

Who are we? 

At its heart, The Hungry Moon is the product of our family's love for real food. Our dream is to bring people in our community together while sharing the joy that Filipino food brings! 

We believe that nature and responsible business is kind of a big deal. Above all else, our goal is to lessen the impact of the food industry on the environment, without sacrificing convenience and quality.

 We started our business with only our famous cheesecakes in a jar. It's been a long ride to get where we are now, experimenting with different eco-friendly containers and flavours. The result is what you see now: beautifully crafted and environmentally friendly meals.

And our secret weapon? We have a Daryl. (...?)

The Family

The Chef

Faye started her journey of food at four years of age. Food is more than something to end your hunger; to Faye, it's what brings her joy and the freedom to express her creative side. She is devoted to her work and her family as she is a mom of three, to her baby girl, Luna, and her two fur babies.

Faye has 10 years experience in a professional kitchen. Using everything she has learned, she felt it was time to branch out and create her own unique food creations. She has a passion for putting a smile on peoples’ faces and for the environment.

The Partner

Chris has a background in Forestry. A vegetarian for 16 years, the earth always comes first. His goal is to ensure that everything at The Hungry Moon is done as environmentally friendly as possible.

The Moon

Luna is their daughter and inspiration. Since she was able to eat solid foods, she has tried everything she could get her hands on. Her favorite food is broccoli, with fruits a close second. When it comes to meat, chicken is her go to.

The Taste Testers

The power duo Moitie (Mochii) and Sharpie are always eager to taste our newest creations, as long as they are safe for fur babies! Woof! Woof!